Frequently asked questions about the Photoshoot

How do I know that the photo-shoot experience is right for me? 

If you are a living, breathing woman who has an intense desire to love yourself, a professional photoshoot is a must-have for you.

It's an experience that doesn't end with the final click of the camera, it's an experience that gets even better when you hold your photos in your's an experience that boosts your confidence at the moment and stays with you's an experience that becomes a life-long appreciation for the woman you have become. 

It's an experience for YOU first and foremost. Your age, weight, race, or any other circumstance does NOT matter. You are beautiful exactly as you are, and you deserve to celebrate your beauty!


I don't know how to pose. Will you still get good pictures of me?

When you come for a photography session with us, I'll be doing my best to get you to loosen up and be as natural as possible. During the photos-shoot, we don’t much traditional posing. Really. 


Because YOU look best when you give off that 'natural' vibe. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn't be aware of the camera at all, but we'll be effortlessly guiding you throughout the process with an easy and natural flow. 

The natural you is the best you and the sexiest you!

I am really nervous. How do you make your clients feel comfortable?

The anticipation of a photoshoot can be nerve-wracking. Having a camera in your face can be intimidating. It's completely natural to feel that way!

There is a way to remove the fear, change your anxiety to excitement!!!!

We are in this together!  We'll help - LOL - really, we will!  We love to laugh and giggle, and we can offer you silly jokes, delightful stories, play music,  maybe share some of our own 'bloopers' with you.

 Play - laugh - giggle - smile. 

You won't feel a bit of fear, and you will be amazed and pleased with how your pictures turned out.


How much should I expect to spend?

The photoshoot experience starts at $450. That includes the photoshoot, professional makeup application, access to the wardrobe, the in-person photo viewing for you to order photo products à la carte. 

Packages start at $950

Wall Art pieces at $325

Girls are almost always surprised by how many gorgeous photos we get from the session and how beautiful the albums look. Together we create magic!  

When and how will I select my favorite images from my shoot?

We are offering a photo reveal ordering appointment via Zoom a week after your photo session. Together, we will go through a big variety of great photos, it can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. We have a system for helping you decide between images, showing similar images side by side, and selecting a killer mix of photos for albums and the glamorous wall art pieces.

Where will my photo session take place? 

We have a beautiful cozy studio with lots of natural light in Midtown Manhattan, NY. It is set up specifically for portraits with both natural and studio lighting. It has a very intimate and relaxing ambiance perfect for making you feel comfortable and at ease.  

We can occasionally travel to your location to have a more personalized environment for the shoot. 

What should I wear?

We encourage you to select 3-5 favorite pieces from your wardrobe. It can be dresses, suits, lingerie...basically anything that you feel glamorous in. Please try to avoid busy designs, stripes, or busy bright patterns on the clothes. It can take attention away from you and your expressions. Solid colors look best.  

Bring a good selection of high hill shoes. A pair of black and a pair of nude shoes is a good start.

We have a collection of couture gowns at the studio, so we can mix and match the looks. We also have a treasure chest with statement jewelry pieces that can add an accent to our style.


Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

We would be happy to use images that we created together to show other women how amazing you look in the photos!  But of course, we will not share any images unless you grant permission. 

I'm nervous about the investment. Do you offer payment plans?

We're so glad you asked, love! I understand that spending money on yourself can awake some guilty feelings, so we've developed three payment plans with you in mind! We never want money to hold you back from this experience, and we're absolutely dedicated to helping you make this happen for yourself!

I would love this experience, but I am nervous about my body. Do you photoshop the images?

Yes! We do skin retouching, light/color adjustments, skin smoothing. We prefer retouching to look organic and natural so that you look authentic in your images. 

I am not sure how to prepare for the shoot. Do you give some guidance?

Don’t you worry! Once you are officially booked, we will book a zoom session with Masha (our style consultant) to walk you through outfit selection, what to expect, how to prepare, and answers to all your burning questions. During this session, you will also talk about your personality and creative ideas for your unique photo session.