How to prepare for a Portrait with Flair Shoot

How to prepare for a Portrait with Flair Shoot

Determine the style of your shoot

Decide whether you want it to be a more beauty/fashion shoot with extravagant gowns or a boudoir shoot with sexy lingerie. Do you want your images to be extravagant high fashion, modern elegant, soft romantic, or natural casual? Are you doing this for a special someone or to celebrate yourself? 

Design your photo-experience with our art expert Masha

Masha will help you to discover your personal photography style. Together you will find out what makes you feel YOU in the photos. How do you feel the images could translate your character, your vide and your personality. You will discuss the outfits options, make-up ideas and posing. 

Think of how you want to display your art

We need to determine our final artistic goal. Are we shooting for the statement art piece in your bedroom, or we create a collection of images for an album.  We will approach the photoshoot differently depending on our artistic mission. 

Choose your Wardrobe

Bring at least five of your favorite outfits including matching shoes and jewelry. Stay away from stripes and patterns when choosing your wardrobe pieces. Solid colors look best in photos. On all clothing take out the tags, iron, steam

We have a “magical closet” at the studio with some extravagant pieces, but we encourage you to bring your own clothes that is more “YOU”, so we could mix and match.

It will be fun to try something that might be unfamiliar from our collection. The greatest transformations happen when we step outside our comfort zones.

If you’re preparing for a Boudoir Shoot bring at least 2-3 different color lingerie pieces including nude and black. Make sure you tried them a few days before the shoot, and they fit well. 

Bring at least two pairs of high hill shoes. A black pair and a nude pair.

Give your feet and hands some love. 

Your hands and feet will be visible in most of your photographs, so it’s important to get them camera-ready. Consider pampering yourself with a mani-pedi a day or two before your photoshoot date.

Get your hair ready

Get your hair trimmed, toned and touched up. Don’t let those stray greys storm on your photo session. If you’re coloring your hair, stick to a color that you know you’ll love!         If you are having hair/makeup done on location, arrive with a clean, fresh face, and no product in your hair. Your hair must be clean and dry.

Clean your eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the biggest defining factors of your face. Book a brow wax about a week before your session. That way, any irritation will be cleared up by the time of your shoot.

The day before your session: 

1.  Get your beauty sleep. Baggy and puffy eyes definitely show up on camera. Go to bed early. 

2. Keep hydrated and moisturized. This includes body lotion and lip balm.

3. Drink lots of water for a healthy glow on the day of your session.

4. Stretch. This may seem silly, but when was the last time you stretched? Being in front of the camera is a lot more physical than you think.

5. Pack your bag – double and triple check you have everything you want packed. 

6. And the single most important thing on how to prepare for a photo shoot? Confidence.

Vanity-Fair Style portraits

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, 

As much as I love shooting fashion, my passion is shooting portraits for everyday people because I’m 100% sure that I possess a SUPERPOWER.

Which one?

I’m able to make every single  person look like a real celebrity with the help of a camera! I’d like to prove you that the correct style, camera angle and lightning can create magic and highlight your best traits. You will definitely feel like a Star!

WHY do I do that?

Because I realize how important it is for each one of us to be desired, beautiful and admired. 

I don’t know about the guys, but I think all girls are dreaming of being seductive, sexy and young forever… We ALL long for attention, popularity, respect and inner harmony. We all do our best to look fit and glamorous. We dedicate a lot of time to self-development and self-care. Do you recognize yourself in these lines? I’m sure you do! 

You can fully trust me because I’M no different than YOU… Together we will pull if off and I’ll gently guide you through the whole photo-shoot process. I promise you’ll be over the moon after getting your images reflecting you TRUE self.

Do you agree that photography is a magical tool which can convey your inner state, emotions and thoughts? If no - it’s my mission to prove it to you…  

Want to capture your inner and outer beauty? A photo-shoot with a photographer who understands your deep cravings, wishes and thoughts comes in handy. I’ll do my best to help you look at yourself differently and feel your inner goddess which is hidden deep in your soul. As a pleasant bonus, you’ll have wonderful shots which will preserve your beauty and flair forever. 

Imagine how pleasant it will be to look at how gorgeous you were several years ago and to understand that you look just as beautiful. I can completely rock it out, I promise!

Fine Art Portrait

Fine Art Portrait

You may be familiar with the concept of portrait photography, but have you ever had the chance of experiencing fine art photography? Fine art portrait photography his addressed to the luxury portraiture market.  The results look like a real painting and make simply stunning wall art. Fine art photography is essentially an art form practiced for its beauty. It’s all about why it was created and comes from a concept or idea derived from the artist.  The purpose of fine art is to be visual candy.  Historically, fine art encompassed painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, but now includes photography, too.