The 1920s spirit

It’s always fun to do a photoshoot inspired by 1920’s fashion. It was a time of great social change for women. 1920s fashion for girls was all about being relaxed and loose. Dresses were sleeveless, shapeless gowns decorated with beading, sequins, fringe, and of course feathers. Elaborated accessories always make amassing props at the photo set. There’s a lot of character in the 1920’s portraiture. At that time girls dreamed to look and act like their famous icons Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Josephine Baker and flapper diva Zelda Fitzgerald.

Rich jewel tones and soft pastels made the simplest of dresses look chick and expensive. Add to that some sparkling accessories such as a diamond tiara or headband, silk shawl, feather fan, long pearl necklaces and gloves, and you will look like a silent movie star!

: In order to recreate the 1920s flapper look, it’s great to wear a hat or headband. The cloche hat is or a wide-brimmed hat can become a perfect accent to the look. The headband with feathers could be also nice.
The great thing about wearing a hat or a headpiece is that we don’t have to worry about getting the hair done, just pin the hair back under the hat and we have the perfect 1920’s image.

Scarf: long skinny scarf, feather boa, or a small fur shawl makes a great addition to the 1920’s outfit. It’s also a great photo prop if you don’t know what to do with your hands during the photoshoot. You simply play with your scarf for a loose and flirty look.

Gloves: long satin or velvet well-fitting gloves will complete an authentic 1920’slook.

Jewelry: Long pearls or several beaded strings of pearl necklaces of different lengths at once. Diamanté sparkly necklace will be a perfect fit for the Gatsby style outfit.