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Fine Art Portrait

Fine Art Portrait You may be familiar with the concept of portrait photography, but have you ever had the chance of experiencing fine art photography? Fine art portrait photography his addressed to the luxury portraiture market.  The results look like a real painting and make simply stunning wall art. Fine art photography is essentially an art form…

The 1920s spirit

It’s always fun to do a photoshoot inspired by 1920’s fashion. It was a time of great social change for women. 1920s fashion for girls was all about being relaxed and loose. Dresses were sleeveless, shapeless gowns decorated with beading, sequins, fringe, and of course feathers. Elaborated accessories always make amassing props at the photo…

Victoria & Eve

Victoria & Eve It’s one of my favorite images from the session of Victoria & Eve. It looks like an old renaissance painting. I love the connection between mother and daughter. I also like the movement of the hair and the smiles on their faces.


Sisters It’s amazing the bond that is present between two sisters. Your sister is the best friend you’ve ever had or could ever have. Two sisters can fight like cats and dogs, yet at the end of the day, they are each other’s closest person. Who would give you the fashion advice and the shopping tips?…


Alyona exhibits such positive energy and she does it with such confidence. We instantly connected! Every time I pressed the shutter button on my camera, she was able to give me a different look with such expressions.


Amalia is beautiful and has so many personalities – something I wanted to show by using a different location for each change of clothes.